Why Do Women Love Funny Guys? Here’s The Science Behind Humor

When it comes to establishing a romantic connection, studies have shown that laughter can be a significant deciding factor. In this article, we will examine this claim and the impact of humor on creating romantic relationships.

How Was the Study Conducted?

Jeffery Hall, Ph.D., associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas, conducted the first study examining whether people who use humor on Facebook were likelier to be intelligent or perceived as intelligent. He discovered that it wasn’t the case that more intelligent people were putting more funny things on Facebook or that people who were funny on Facebook were considered intelligent.

A following study examined heterosexual college students and their attraction to each other. Hall discovered that women were more romantically interested based on how often she laughed at the man’s jokes.

How Does Laughter Affect Your Body?

When you laugh, your body has a physical reaction. This causes the muscles in your face and body to stretch while increasing your pulse and blood pressure before dropping below normal, causing your blood vessels to expand and flow more easily.

Your brain also gets affected as laughing produces beta-endorphins. This is a neurotransmitter created in the pituitary gland that suppresses pain. Concerning processing humor, the left side of your brain is responsible for understanding the words and structure of a joke. On the other hand, the right side processes emotions and is triggered when you experience something funny.

When something is recognized, the motor region of your brain creates the physical reaction of laughing and the sound that comes along with it. According to the late Dr. William Fry, laughter is the equivalent of internal jogging. He also said that one minute of laughter equals 10 minutes on a rowing machine. Fry said that laughter also reduces tension, stress, and anger.

What are the Underlying Reasons for Connecting Humor and Love?

According to this, the physical reaction indicates the underlying reason why the laughter is happening. He said that the positive benefits of laughter and what it brings are your body’s response to what it’s doing for you, personally or socially.

In terms of sharing a sense of humor, Hall said research on humor revealed that people favor other individuals who share their sense of humor. He also said that a person’s sense of humor is similar to what they think and feel.

Hall said that humorous banter that happens in a flirtatious interaction is a sign of openness to the other person’s speech and that the person wants the conversation to continue.


According to research, people relate better with other people who share their sense of humor. Additionally, it has also been proven that a woman might be open to romantic relationships if she finds the man humorous.