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Health and Wellness is your source for a holistic approach to lifestyle improvement. We provide supportive information, tips, tricks, and instructional guides so you can better improve your Health and Wellness.

The Goals of Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness supports a holistic approach with two dedicated sections: Inspired Living, which handles mental health, stress reduction, and mindfulness, and Healthy Living, which provides more practical tips about physical fitness, nutrition, and meal planning.

We understand that Health and Wellness is a long journey, and one you have to work hard to maintain. That’s why our goal is to support you with the information you need to set realistic goals, change goals as needed, and stay the course.

The Health and Wellness Team

Our team is composed of writers and editors with personal health experience. From navigating healthcare systems to exploring mindfulness, they have insights in handling the very challenges you’re likely experiencing on your Health and Wellness journey. They are yoga teachers, concerned parents, healthy cooks, busy professionals, and people just like you.

The Health and Wellness team works together to create the holistic Health and Wellness approach: combining practical tips with an emphasis on mindfulness and mental wellbeing from a fair, balanced, empathetic perspective.

Contacting Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness loves to hear from our readers! Do you have opinions about what type of information or content you’d like to see? Would you like to share what works best for you? We want to hear all about how you balance the practical aspects of lifestyle change with the mindfulness it requires. To contact us, reply to any newsletter with your feedback, suggestions, or tips.


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