Tips For Staying Motivated on Your Wellness Journey

We are all on our own journey. Whether it be to run in a marathon, reach our goal weight, or retire by 40, we are all reaching for something. With day-to-day stress, setbacks, and things that are out of our control, it’s difficult to stay motivated throughout our journey. Depending on what motivates you, the following tips may help keep you on the path and headed in the right direction.

First, though, it’s important to evaluate your goals. Are they achievable, or do they just sound nice? Take retiring at 40, for instance. Is that a realistic goal if you just start saving for retirement and you’re 35 years old? Another thing to remember is that several short-term goals that add up to one long-term goal will help decrease frustrations along the way. Once your goals are squared away, you can lean on some of these tips to stay motivated.

Is better physical health part of your wellness journey? If so, consider where your current activity level is. If you are primarily stationary, start with a few minutes of activity each day. It will help if you incorporate fun into your fitness. Are you a gamer? Consider working out in virtual reality or playing a family-friendly game on one of your gaming systems. Don’t just sit on the couch and bowl. Get up and go through the motions.

Sharing your journey with a few close friends or family is important. They don’t need to know all the details, but letting them in on your plan will also allow them to support you. Sometimes all we need when we feel stuck is encouragement from those who know us best.

Along with making realistic goals, it’s essential to look at the timeframe you’ve created to reach that goal. Consider that there will be roadblocks along the way, and give yourself grace when you take a detour. From every misstep or side journey, learn something. Then, take a deep breath and get back on the path. Beating yourself up over it will only delay your progress.

With each milestone you reach, take the time to celebrate your achievement and regroup. You may have found out during that part of the journey that running a 5K is no longer something you’re shooting for. Instead, you might want to hike a local trail with no breaks or focus on healthy eating first. The good news is, it’s your plan, and you can do whatever you want.