Cut These Out of Your Diet and Star Losing Weight Today

If you’re trying to lose weight, it is not necessary or healthy to eat minimal amounts of food. Rather, the trick is to whack certain things that go into your mouth and replace them with more sensible options. For today, let’s focus on foods to leave out of the grocery cart.

A great place to start is the processed potato, namely chips and french fries. Potato chips are a go-to for many to satisfy that hand-to-mouth craving, but they are ridiculously high in calories and artificial junk stuffed in for flavor.

That bowl of cereal you enjoy in the morning, unless it’s high fiber, is a poor way to start your day. Empty calories and an empty stomach two hours later just leaves you hungry far too quickly. And those additives!

Same goes for that flavored yogurt. What seems like a healthy alternative gives you a surprising amount of added sugars. The better alternative is adding your own fruit or cinnamon to plain yogurt.

No list of what you’re reading right now would be complete without sugary sodas. Or for that matter any sugar-sweetened beverages, including those energy and fruit drinks designed to fool the health-conscious. Putting sugary drinks back on the shelf is a great place to start losing weight.

Not to mention simply improving overall health. Excessive consumption of these is a remarkably bad habit to break or avoid.

Steering clear of fried foods is another great way to kick-start dieting and healthier living. These are calorie-dense and contain potential carcinogens, not a great combination.

So-called “white foods” are best left on the shelves of your local grocer. Think white bread, white rice, white pastas. With no fiber and ultra-processing, these have sugars that go directly to your bloodstream. And because of low fiber, they are unsatisfying and lead to more eating.

Avoiding alcohol, particularly beer, is another step towards fitting into smaller clothing.

If you get to the checkout line and some of these items are in your buggy, here’s a great way to save money. Put them back. And while doing so, you are on the road to losing weight and being a healthier you.