Will This Vitamin Oil Promote A Healthy Scalp For Hair Growth?

Vitamin E is famous for its antioxidant properties that reduce free radical damage and protect your body’s cells. It has recently been celebrated as a cure-all for turning frizzy, unmanageable, and damaged hair into shiny, luscious locks.

This article covers the skin-boosting properties of vitamin E and how they can promote hair health and growth.

How Does Vitamin E Benefit Your Hair?

Early research suggests that vitamin E can improve overall scalp and hair health. Benefits of this vitamin for your hair include:

Improve Scalp Circulation

Vitamin E could increase blood flow, which is believed to improve hair health. According to a 2001 study, increased blood supply encourages hair growth and increases mice’s hair follicle and size.

Prevent Hair Loss

A small 2010 trial discovered that vitamin E supplements improved hair growth in individuals with hair loss. The vitamin’s antioxidant properties are also believed to reduce oxidative stress on the scalp.

Balance Oil Production

Vitamin E is vital for creating a protective skin surface barrier. This helps retain moisture. As such, dry and irritated skin can indicate vitamin E deficiency.

Although it is unclear whether topical vitamin E can balance out scalp oil production, oils that contain vitamin E, such as avocado oil, could help moisturize your scalp.

How To Use Vitamin E For Your Hair

There are different ways to use vitamin E, including the following:

Vitamin E Oil

Most vitamin E oils contain a carrier oil to dilute the oil and prevent skin irritation. If you want pure vitamin E oil, properly dilute it before use.


The food you eat plays an important role in healthy hair. A lack of micronutrients and proteins like vitamin E can affect hair growth and structure. Some of the richest sources of vitamin E include nuts, olive oil, leafy greens, and sunflower oil.


Although supplements are constantly available, they are not necessary. Most individuals get enough vitamin E through their diet alone. Some research even suggests that people benefit more from vitamin E when they get it from whole foods instead of a supplement.

Before starting a supplement, speaking with your healthcare provider is important.


Vitamin E can be a great asset for your hair, and you don’t need a fancy product to start using it. You can start with the foods in your fridge. Additionally, you should talk to your doctor before using a vitamin E treatment or taking a supplement.