Workouts To Reduce Pain In The Joints

Rheumatoid arthritis is synonymous with joint pain. Other symptoms include fatigue, joint swelling, and joint stiffness. It can make moving around difficult, preventing exercising and stretching the joints. It may seem counterintuitive, but exercise is a coping mechanism for rheumatoid arthritis. These exercises are great for reducing joint pain ailments, including the mental health toll.

Talk A Walk

For those looking for inexpensive exercise for the joints, walking is perfect. You can walk anywhere without anything more than a pair of sneakers. Unlike running, taking a walk will not put any extra strain on the body. It’s also an excellent tool for weight management and heart health. RA has been known to cause heart disease, so lowering that risk is important.

Take A Swim

Aerobic exercises are effective at giving better health. Swimming is a low-impact way to achieve this. With just a few laps, you can increase your heart rate quickly, giving the joints relief and the movement they need, which alleviates the pain of RA.

Lift Some Weights

Suffering from RA means you should be doing strength training exercises. This is so you can keep your muscles strong and reduce any additional strain affecting the joints. The key is to not overdo it. Begin with shorter reps and exercises, slowly increasing as you become stronger. Try to work up to weight lifting a few times a week. Don’t just stick to weights. Resistance bands and machines build muscle just as well.

Bike Rides

Whether free rein or stationary, the ease of a bike ride on painful joints makes it a great exercise option. It’s important to select the proper bike to prevent any injuries. Choose bikes that give extra support, such as cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, or a hybrid.

Get Mindful

Yoga and tai chi are proven ways to increase your body’s stability. As pain hits the joints from RA, it decreases the functionality of the muscles. These exercises increase the body’s movement, making it more lean, flexible, and coordinated. Similar to yoga and tai chi, Pilates strengthens the body and mid-section. It benefits the hips and your balance. Remember to not push yourself too hard when trying these.

Around The House

When you don’t want to make the trip to the gym, chores around the house can get you just as good a workout. Yard work like pulling weeds or mowing the lawn are great ones to start with.

Simple exercises such as these can go a long way toward giving your joints some much-needed relief. Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise or stretching routine.