Castor Oil: A Natural Remedy for Dry Eye Syndrome

Castor oil is a natural remedy used for many health issues, including dry eye disease.

Also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, dry eye disease affects approximately 20 million people in the United States, impacting not only vision but also the quality of life.

New research based in New Zealand focused on using castor oil applied to the eyelids for four weeks, resulting in encouraging findings.

What causes dry eye disease?

Dry eye disease is a condition that occurs when tears cannot properly lubricate the eyes.

Caused by either a decrease in tear creation or an increase in tear evaporation, this disease can be triggered by several diseases, environmental factors, and even allergies. The most common cause is meibomian gland dysfunction.

Signs and symptoms of dry eye disease include:

• watery eyes

• stinging or burning in the eyes

• light sensitivity

• a feeling of grittiness in the eyes

Dry eye disease occurs more often in people over 50, particularly women. Treatments for this disease include over-the-counter options like nighttime eye drops and artificial tears.

Supplements such as vitamin A and omega-3 vitamins are potentially helpful for dry eye symptoms. For severe cases, anti-inflammatory drops can be prescribed, but there may be natural alternatives, such as castor oil, that can help.

4-week Study

Castor oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and highly hydrating to the skin. Often used in skincare products, castor oil can enhance skin’s softness while moisturizing and cleansing the skin of impurities.

A pilot study at the University of Aukland studied 26 people with the eye disease blepharitis, which causes your eyelids to become irritated, red, swollen, and itchy.

Participants applied castor oil to their bottom and top eyelids in the morning and at night for four weeks.

After the four weeks, researchers assessed the participant’s symptoms compared to data collected before the start of the study.

Overall improvement in dry eye symptoms with castor oil

Results of this month-long trial are promising for those looking for a natural dry eye remedy. Using castor oil improved symptoms such as crusting around the eyelashes and thickening of the eyelids.

This study provides a baseline for future research to look at the possibility of castor oil as an effective and easy-to-use alternative to other eye disease treatments.

Castor oil: A cost-effective treatment alternative

Castor oil is used worldwide for its excellent healing benefits. It is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, allowing the oil to decrease the amount of bacteria that can block or inflame tear glands.

It also acts as a natural moisturizing agent that can provide a longer lubrication duration than regular eye drops.

As a safe and cost-effective option, trying castor oil for dry eye disease is a viable alternative if you suffer from symptoms. Remember that consistency is key, and be patient while waiting for results.