Why Is It Important to Eat a Lot of Food for Breakfast?

Researchers say eating a small breakfast can increase your risk of cardiovascular health problems. This article examines the truth behind the research and how to improve your feeding habits.

How Was the Research Conducted?

During the study, more than 4,000 middle-aged office workers of both genders were involved. The researchers tracked the participants over six years to identify the growth of latent subclinical atherosclerotic lesions.

The term “subclinical atherosclerosis” is used to describe atherosclerotic plaques. These are fatty deposits in the walls of arteries that appear at a young age. In the early stages, they show no symptoms. The researchers concluded that people who ate little breakfasts developed, on average, twice the number of atherosclerotic lesions as those who ate high-energy breakfasts.

Always Eat a Big Breakfast in the Morning

Dr. Ragavendra Baliga, a cardiologist, and professor of internal medicine at the Ohio State University, said the findings did not surprise him. He said they encouraged him to continue giving his patients the same advice. Balinga also said he tells them to “eat like a horse for breakfast, a puppy for lunch, and a bird for dinner.”

In addition to having a healthy breakfast, Dr.Balinga said he encourages his patients to avoid carbs. Carbs are “fuel food,” and you need fewer carbs to sleep at night. He also said he tells his patients to eat more protein and vegetables at night.

What’s Best to Eat?

Mara Weber, a clinical dietitian at the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital, said eating the right kinds of food is vital to having a successful day. She also said a donut and a cup of coffee could give you adequate calories, but they won’t provide the energy to sustain you till lunchtime.

Weber said you should eat about 25 percent of your daily calorie intake during breakfast. This will prevent you from starving by noon. She also said your meals should be a good blend of fiber, high protein, and some carbohydrates.

Don’t Have Time to Eat?

Weber said planning is key so you don’t skip breakfast completely. Some good breakfast options you can use ahead of time include:

● Overnight oats

● Homemade breakfast muffins

● Fruit/veggie smoothies

● Chia pudding

● Homemade oatmeal bars


Eating a full breakfast is crucial to having a successful day. If you have a busy schedule, you can make a meal plan to ensure you can still eat properly in the morning.