Top 7 Exercises for Maximum Effectiveness

Exercising can keep you fit, make you healthy, and help you feel good about your body when done correctly. In addition, you can exercise at home, or the gym, it doesn’t matter. However, what matters is that you get the form right, have a good technique, and follow an effective regimen. This article will discuss seven exercises you can do for maximum effectiveness.


This is an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be planned. If your office is just a short distance away, you can walk home, and if you’d instead do it inside, you can get a treadmill.

It’s the most basic form of exercise out there, and anyone can do it, but if you’re just starting out, you can do five to ten minutes to get used to it before kicking it up a notch.


Squats are great if you plan to work multiple muscle groups in your lower body with one routine. The exercise targets your hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

To do squats, you need to spread your feet apart. The space should be the width of your shoulder, and bend your knees in a motion that resembles sitting on a chair. When performing this exercise, you should also ensure that you distribute your weight evenly between your heel, inside, and outside ball. Once you can do 12 reps comfortably, add dumbbells to the mix.


Just like squats, lunges are great for training muscle groups in your lower body. They can also help you improve your balance.

The key to perfect lunge form is to take a big step forward while keeping your back straight. Next, bend the knee in front to 90 degrees and rest your weight on your back toes. Once you’ve gotten that position, lower your back knee to the floor, but don’t let it touch the ground.

Push Up

While lunges and squats target your lower body muscles, push-ups target the upper ones around your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

The proper push-up technique is to face down with your hands slightly wider than your shoulder width and your toes on the floor. If this position is too difficult for you to maintain, support yourself using your knees.


This particular exercise targets your belly fat. You can do it by lying on your back with your palms behind your head and your feet flat against the floor. Once you’re in this position, contract your abdominal muscles and raise your upper body off the floor. Lower yourself down and repeat the motion.

Bent-Over Row

This is another exercise to target all the major muscles in your upper body.
Begin the exercise by standing with your feet apart at shoulder-width, then bend your knees and lower body forward at your hips. Don’t hunch your back, but engage your abs.

Interval Training

Interval training can help you improve your fitness, burn calories, and lose weight. The main idea behind this exercise is to change the intensity of your routines at every interval rather than go at a steady pace.

You can do interval training with any type of exercise. It can be running, dancing, walking, or cardio.