The Dangers of Sugar

Today, many people tend to reach for quick and easy snacks and meals that consist of processed foods. Many processed foods contain loads of added sugar, and this added sugar increases the number of calories in these foods.

This article will outline the health conditions affected by excessive added sugar.

Weight gain
Drinks sweetened with sugar contain large amounts of the simple sugar fructose. The fructose in these beverages makes you more hungry and causes you to enjoy food more. This makes you likely to consume too much.

Evidence shows that people who do not drink sugar-sweetened drinks weigh less than people who do.

Heart disease
Consuming too much sugar increases your risk of several factors that lead to heart disease. These risk factors include obesity, inflammation, and increased levels of triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Overconsumption of sugar, especially fructose, can cause atherosclerosis, which contributes to clogged arteries.

Because sugary foods and drinks have a high glycemic index, they cause your blood sugar to rise quickly. This rapid increase in blood sugar and insulin causes more androgens to be released in your body and increases oil production and inflammation that contribute to acne breakouts.

Type 2 diabetes
Consuming too much sugar can lead to obesity and insulin resistance. These conditions significantly increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that controls your blood sugar levels, and resistance to insulin causes blood sugar spikes.

Obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation that are caused by too much sugar are known to increase cancer risk. Specifically, it can make you more vulnerable to developing cancer of the esophagus, lung cancer, and cancer in your small intestine.

A high-sugar diet can make it more likely that you will develop depression. Studies suggest that this increased risk of depression due to too much sugar is caused by neurotransmitter dysregulation, inflammation, and swings in blood sugar.

Other conditions
There are quite a number of other health complications that come from too much sugar. A high-sugar diet contributes to cell and skin aging because it shortens telomeres (which protect your chromosomes) and damages collagen and elastin. It also zaps your energy and contributes to fatty liver disease. Sugar also increases your risk of developing gout and kidney disease. Finally, overconsumption of sugar can cause cavities and tooth demineralization because bacteria in your mouth thrive on sugar.