Liver Problem And Its Symptoms

There are many causes of liver problems. You can have the disease because of genetic predispositions, excessive weight, and alcohol abuse. Liver disease, if left untreated, can cause scarring and other serious complications. However, if the disease is diagnosed and treated promptly, you can avoid Hepatic failure.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms of liver problems so you can watch out for the disease before it becomes serious.

7 Symptoms Of Liver Problem

Early Symptoms

It is rare to notice the early symptoms of liver problems; even if you do, you might not know what is causing them. The early signs are vague, like – weakness and lack of energy, belly pain, not feeling hungry, diarrhea, etc.


As time passes, you may start to see clearer signs; one of these is jaundice. Your skin and the white of your eyes start to look yellow. This happens when bilirubin builds up. Normally, it is the work of your liver to clear the bilirubin out, but as it is damaged, it can’t keep up.

Itchy Skin

When your liver problem starts to last, you may feel itchy even when you don’t have a rash or anything on your skin. This makes it difficult to do common things like sleeping.


Liver problems can block blood flow to your liver; this makes fluid seep out of the blood vessels around it and collects in your belly. Your belly begins to swell, and your belly button might even be pushed out. Sometimes all you need is antibiotics, and other times you must drain your belly if there is a lot of extra fluid.

Swollen Legs or Ankles

With some people who develop ascites, their legs and ankles get swollen as fluid builds up. Eating little to no salt might help, or using a medicine that will make you pee frequently.

Dark Pee and Pale Poop

The reason why your healthy poop looks brown is because of your liver. Your poop is brown because your liver produces bile salts. So when you have liver issues, and it doesn’t produce bile usually, your poop will look pale. Pale poop often happens along with jaundice, and too much bilirubin can make your urine look unusually dark.

Nausea and Vomiting

Stomach upset is an early symptom of liver disease, but when your liver problem goes on, the raised toxin levels can make the symptom worse. This leads you to throw up or have lingering nausea. Also, when your liver starts failing, you may have blood in your vomit and sometimes poop.