Is Sour Candy Effective in Stopping Panic Attacks?

There’s no guaranteed way to completely prevent panic attacks. However, a new TikTok trend believes you can manage your symptoms by eating sour candy. This article examines if this treat can treat your panic attacks and help you feel calm.

What Is A Panic Attack?

A panic attack is a sudden fear you experience when there is no clear threat. While it can be caused by panic disorder, a panic attack can also happen to people with other health issues. These include anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders.

Can Sour Candy Help?

Panic attacks are commonly treated with a combination of meditation and breathing exercises. Doctors also believe that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and daily antidepressants can reduce the panic attack frequency.

While it may sound unconventional, sour candy could reduce the intensity or duration of a panic attack. Doctors believe that eating something sour can promote a grounding technique that makes you focus on the present. This stops the spiral of fear and tells your brain you’re not in real danger, slowing down and eventually stopping the panic attack.

Sour candy can also possibly help with anxiety attacks, which are caused by a specific situation. Doctors believe that a piece of sour candy can take you out of a mindless loop of anxiety. This will bring you back to the present, where you feel safe and secure.

What Are The Limits of Sour Candy?

There’s no evidence that sour candy can stop you from having panic attacks. It’s also unclear if these treats can make specific changes in your brain and body that can block the processes leading to a panic attack.

There is speculation that sour candy can steal your attention for a minute and help you stop focusing on the panic attack. However, some doctors argue that you could still have a panic attack after the initial shock fades.


It is currently impossible to prevent a panic attack. However, there’s no harm in using sour candies as a way to manage symptoms when a panic or anxiety attack happens. That said, you need to make sure sour candy isn’t your only measure for combating these feelings.

If you constantly suffer panic attacks, you can use deep breathing, exercise, medication, and therapy to treat your overall anxiety. You can also consult your healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis of your symptoms and the best treatment measures.