Improve Your Workouts With These Tips


Workouts get more manageable as your body adapts to your routines. That’s because the more you exercise, the more your muscle mass develops. In addition, you become better at enduring the slight discomfort from exercising. You may even begin to think, “Hey, this isn’t as hard as it used to be!”

You are right. Those routines won’t hurt as they used to because you are now used to them. But it may also signify that it’s time for you to move to bigger challenges. Switching things up doesn’t necessarily mean you wholly alter your routines. Instead, this means you begin to keep yourself on your toes, turning that mile-long walk into a jog or swimming faster than you would normally. Therefore, in this article, we shall look at how you can spice up your workout routines to keep your body in shape constantly. 

Tips To Improve Your Workouts 

Get ‘FITT’

First, imbibing the ‘FITT’ principle into your workout routines will guide you in elevating your exercise routines. The ‘FITT’ principle comprises four guidelines —frequency, intensity, time, and type. 

  • Frequency: How many times do you work out during the week? If you work out three times a week, throw in a day or two. 
  • Intensity: What is your intensity rate while exercising? When working out, you should always take note of your target heart rate. Your target heart rate should be 50 -85% of the maximum heart rate of 220 minus your current age. 
  • Time: How long do you usually work out? If your workout sessions typically last 30 minutes, try working out for 10 minutes extra.
  • Type: Finally, what kind of routines do you undertake? Add new activities to your workout routines. It could be pilates, biking, and swimming. 

Hire a Professional Trainer or Exercise with a Friend

Getting a certified personal trainer may be effective in improving your workouts. These trainers can tweak your plan and ensure you don’t get bored with your routines. If you are not interested in hiring a personal trainer, you can find a friend who is a fitness enthusiast and would likely boost your morale to exercise more than you usually would. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

Now that you have stepped out of your comfort zone, it doesn’t hurt to allow yourself to enjoy the finer things of life. 

And we are not talking about food.

Instead, you can get small treats for your hard work, such as getting tickets to a concert or buying a new pair of shoes. Better yet, you can work harder to leave your body more energized, sleep better, or have that summer body you have always wanted for that vacation trip. It is possible to achieve these goals by constantly improving your workout routines, one day at a time.