Heart Palpitations: Here’s What Can Cause

If you ever had heart palpitations, you may remember feeling scared, and you may have felt like you had a heart attack. The good news is that heart palpitations typically do not cause you any harm.

Understanding what heart palpitations are
As mentioned above, you may feel like you’re having a heart attack if you’re experiencing heart palpitations. You may also feel like your heart is skipping beats or fluttering. So what can cause heart palpitations?

Unmanaged stress
More often than not, heart palpitations may be caused by having extreme emotions. When your emotions are out of whack, your body releases hormones that accelerate your heartbeat. While this is happening, your body thinks it’s in danger, which explains why the physical symptoms of heart palpitations may feel like there is something wrong going on with your body.

Not being used to exercising
Exercise is essential to your overall health. Exercise naturally boosts up your heart rate to get your blood flowing and causes you to break a sweat. However, if you’re out of shape, your body may feel like it’s being overworked, which may cause you to have heart palpitations.

Be careful with caffeine
If you’re a caffeine lover, you may potentially experience heart palpitations. Caffeine causes your heart rate to speed up. This applies to any caffeinated drinks such as coffee, energy drinks, tea, and soda. It may be a good idea to cut down on how much caffeine you consume if you think it might be the cause of your heart palpitations.

It’s best to avoid smoking
You likely know that smoking is bad for you. The nicotine in tobacco causes your blood pressure to go up as well as causing your heart rate to accelerate. It is in your best interest to avoid or quit smoking altogether.

Female hormonal shifts
Sometimes heart palpitations may be triggered by hormonal changes, such as when you’re on your menstrual cycle or if you’re pregnant. If this may cause heart palpitations, it only lasts for a brief time, so there is no reason to worry. It just means that your hormones are all over the place.

Overall, heart palpitations may be triggered by various factors. As previously stated, heart palpitations usually are nothing to worry about. If you’re still unsure, it may be best to visit a doctor about it.