Everything You Need to Know about Weight Loss Medications

Over the years, researchers have looked for different medications for weight loss and have gotten very little result. However, drugs designed to help patients with type 2 diabetes maintain their blood sugar levels have had the added benefit of shedding weight in recent years. This article examines different weight loss drugs and their effect on your health.

What Are the New Weight Loss Drugs?

The drugs drawing the most attention are Wegovy and Ozempic. They are two versions of the same medication, semaglutide, and activate the hormone, GLP-1. Another drug made by Eli Lilly and Co, called tirzepatide, targets GLP-1 but also affects a second hormone, GIP.

The drugs are delivered through weekly injections. During the medication period, patients are advised to follow a healthful, reduced-calorie diet and exercise regularly.

How Do Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro Work?

The drugs copy the actions of hormones found primarily in your gut. These hormones become active after you eat and regulate your blood sugar by triggering your pancreas to release insulin. This slows down the release of sugar from your liver.

Obesity drugs your blood sugar and slows down indigestion, making you feel full longer. It also affects the signals in your brain connected to feelings of satisfaction and food-related thoughts. By feeling full longer, you eat less and lose weight.

How Effective Are the Drugs?

During a trial, adults who took Wegovy experienced a weight loss of about 15% of their body weight (nearly 35 pounds). On the other hand, adolescents lose about 16% of their body weight.

According to the latest study of tirzepatide drug use in more than 900 diabetic patients who were overweight or had obesity over nearly 17 months, there was a 16% body weight loss. For patients who received dummy injections or a placebo, there was a 3% loss of their body weight.

What Are the Side Effects of the Drugs?

The major side effects are short-lived gastrointestinal issues. This includes constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Other side effects include inflammation of the kidney, gallbladder, and pancreas.

How Much Do the Drugs Cost?

Wegovy costs $1,300 monthly, while Mounjari costs $1,000 monthly. If you have private insurance, you can receive the drugs with only a small co-payment. However, most insurers don’t pay for the medications.


The new weight loss medications have proven effective in helping you shed pounds. However, you need to consult your doctor to determine if taking the drugs has any side effects.