Do You Hate Working Out? Try These 7 Activities Instead?


Let’s face it —going to the gym is not easy! With so many people pressed for time in our world today, it is not uncommon to see more and more people loathe the idea of working out. However, recent times have also seen several modifications to workout routines, such that you may squeeze in a sizable number of minutes working out –without even leaving your house! Therefore, in this article, we shall look at various activities you can partake in, which may serve as substitutes for working out. 

7 Activities to Try Instead of Working Out

  • Video Games: There are many virtual games you can play from tennis, basketball, to any other type of sport. Studies have indicated that people who ran, climbed, or walked during a particular role-playing game exercised more than those on a treadmill —where they spent the same amount of time as those on the treadmill. 
  • Plenty Chores: You can attain your daily productivity quota by simply carrying out some of your routine chores. Of course, no one likes doing chores, but once you turn these into exercises, you can kill two birds with one stone —you get your daily exercise while maintaining a squeaky-clean environment—a win-win. sex can help you prevent heart disease.
  • Gardening: At first glance, it may not seem like anything, but bending, digging, and even trimming your garden for thirty minutes or more can be a decent workout. Gardening can also uplift your mood as your eyes peruse the lushness of your now well-trimmed garden. In addition, you can volunteer for community gardens in cases where you don’t have a personal garden. 
  • Sex: As “unconventional” as this exercise may be, sex is one decent alternative to burning those calories. For instance, you burn about five calories per minute during sex –the same as when you go for a brisk walk. Plus, research has suggested that sex can help you prevent heart disease when you are in a healthy relationship with your romantic partner. 
  • Dancing: Dancing is another way to be social, have fun, and, more so, get in that workout without having to head to the gym. Dancing helps to strengthen your lungs and heart while uplifting your mind. This is also one of the cheapest yet most effective methods of working out. 
  • Outdoor Sports: You don’t need to join the Sunday league to enjoy an excellent outdoor day. You can head to the park and throw around a frisbee. Even a good game of catch will get your body moving.
  • Indoor Sports: Finally, a good game of basketball, racquetball, or even volleyball indoors can get your body parts moving, especially in cases where the weather outside is not too favorable. You can also do other “outdoor sports” like swimming and football indoors.