Dietary Guidelines That Will Lower Your Risk of Cancer 


What you eat can determine how healthy you become. If you follow an anti-cancer diet, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer. The American Cancer Society has recommended a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and the right amount of food to maintain a healthy body. In this article, we shall examine some foods that should be a part of your dietary routine. 

Types of Foods That Will Lower Your Risk of Cancer 


According to studies, broccoli contains a vital compound that reduces the size and number of breast cancer. This compound is sulforaphane. Additional tests have indicated that sulforaphane can kill prostate cancer cells and reduce the tumor volume by 50% in mice. 

Finally, an analysis of over 35 studies has revealed that including more cruciferous vegetables in your dietary routine can lower your risk of having colorectal and colon cancer. 


Carrots are linked to a decreased risk of some types of cancer. Based on the analysis of five studies, experts have concluded that eating a healthy dose of carrots may lower the risks of stomach cancer by 26% and prostate cancer by up to 18%. Therefore, incorporating carrots into your dietary routine will potentially reduce the risk of developing cancer. 


Beans are high in fiber and studies show that they can protect the body against colorectal cancer. In an analysis of over 1,905 people —who have all had colorectal tumors at some point— it was discovered that those who consumed cooked, dried beans had a lower risk of tumor recurrence. 

An animal study that included feeding rats black beans or navy beans while inducing colon cancer in them revealed that beans blocked the development of cancer cells by up to 75%.


These fruits have a significant amount of anthocyanins, which are plant pigments that contain antioxidant properties and have been studied to reduce cancer risk. For example, when a study that involved over 25 people with colorectal cancer was conducted, the scientists discovered that berries reduced the growth of cancer cells by 7%.


Reducing the risk of cancer is as simple as incorporating a healthy dietary routine that caters not only to the body but also helps the body to perform optimally.