Can Scents Ease Pain?


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is one of the most popular trends in the tech world. It has been incorporated into virtually every aspect of our lives, from phones to writing assistants. Now, it’s spreading its arms into VR by introducing smell sensors that can replicate the kinds of smells in a video game in reality.

According to some experts, incorporating smells into VR tools could be an innovative and promising approach to healthcare and improving related conditions. Virtual reality is already being used in many hospitals across the country to help patients manage their pain, get over their phobias, and feel less anxious. The only downside of the treatment is that it is costly.

However, it could become prevalent if insurers can cover the cost of creating the tool and the treatment. Unfortunately, research on the potential of aromatherapy in virtual reality settings is still limited. This situation deserves to be rectified soon because, according to experts in the field, a lot of good might come from that situation.

How Scientists Proved That Scents Can Ease Pain

WebMD stated that Amores conducted a particular experiment that proved the benefits of scents in healthcare. In this experiment, participants were asked to wear a VR headset with nature scenery and an intelligent necklace. In the end, the participants reported that they could feel more relaxed, around 26% more than the original amount they felt the scientists added lavender scents to the experience. The necklace that monitored the brain activity of the participants also corroborated the participant’s claims.

In addition, your sense of smell is directly connected to the part that controls emotions in your brain. That means that the things you smell can interfere with your emotions in a significant way.

Some Aromatherapy Options That Can Improve Your Health

Aromatherapy is a concept that significantly revolves around smells and improving a person’s well-being through very well-curated scents. According to experts in aromatherapy, the following are scents that can positively improve your health.


According to the results of a Japanese study, lemons can help people suffering from depression grow out of it by boosting their immune functions and regulating their hormones. In many cases, mixing a blend of citrus with lemon oil is at the forefront.


According to evidence from the Eastern Psychological Association Conference, researchers reported that persons who slept in areas with jasmine slept better than those who slept in lavender-scented or unscented environments. After being exposed to jasmine, they reported less restlessness in their sleep and lower levels of anxiety.