10 Impressive Cellulite Treatments And Fixes

Puckered or dimpled skin can cause insecurity or low self-esteem. But what if we told you that you no longer have to go through the struggle of not being able to wear what you want because you are uncomfortable with how your skin looks? Many treatments can help you cover up your cellulite, and this article will discuss them.


Lasers and RF

Lasers or radiofrequency treatment can make your bumps look smoother for up to six months and sometimes more! They don’t hurt too much but can be pricey; you may also need several visits.


Cellulaze is an FDA-approved surgery; it zaps cellulite from its source. The doctor uses a laser to shrink the fat cells. The result should last for a year or more. Before you undergo this procedure, make sure you ask your doctor.


Cellfina is another FDA-approved treatment; it promises to reduce cellulite in one session. The doctor will use a needle-sized device to slice the cellulite bands under your skin. This treatment should last for about two years.

Weight Loss

Whether you are skinny or plump, you can have cellulite. But having extra weight can make it more visible. The best treatment if you are overweight, is to lose weight. You should lose it slowly, though, because losing weight too fast can make cellulite show up where your skin is loose


One of the best treatments is exercise; of course, it won’t make cellulite disappear- cellulite has no cure, but it can make your skin look more even.

Eat Raw Foods

Eating more fiber can help in reducing cellulite. Eating “refined” carbs increases fat, especially in cellulite-prone areas like thighs, hips, stomach, etc.


Try to massage your dimpled spots for a few minutes every day. It can be when you are in the shower or when applying lotion. Massage is an excellent way to improve blood flow and eliminate too much fluid; this makes bumps less visible for a while.


Tanning can help in covering up bumpy areas. Dimples are not too noticeable on darker skin. Apply a self-tanning lotion to dimpled areas only, then spray your whole body with a tanning spray. Do not tan for real; it will damage your skin and make cellulite look worse.

Wear Stockings

Stockings are not what they used to be; they are no longer thick and saggy. Wearing socks often would help prevent cellulite from storing fluids, making your skin look smoother.

Body Wrap

Go to the spa and use a body wrap! It can tighten and smoothen your skin.