Will This Body Wrap Really Help You Burn Hundreds of Calories?


Over the years, many people have come up with many remedies and quick solutions for losing weight. While some of them are effective, many of them are a complete sham. So, it’s no surprise that there are some controversies surrounding body wrapping, a new weight loss process. This article will discuss what body wrapping is, how it affects the body, and if it truly helps you burn calories.

What Is a Body Wrap?

A body wrap, sometimes called a body cocoon, is a spa treatment that removes dead skin cells through exfoliation. If the spa therapist wants the best results from the exfoliation process, they will typically use a high-quality scrub.

Depending on the type of wrap, the therapist will subsequently apply oils and other chemicals to the body. Following that, you can be wrapped in blankets, plastic, or bandages.

Types of Body Wraps

Heat Body Wraps

This technique uses topical heat creams. First, you apply it all over your body and then wrap yourself up in plastic or a non-breathable material that will make you sweat. The idea behind this is that you lose weight in the wrapped body part by sweating.

Herbal Wraps

Herbal wraps are a common type of body wrap used at spas. Herbal bath oil or water is soaked into cloth wraps, then applied to your skin. Using herbal wraps gives your skin a more toned and smooth appearance. Some studies have found that using it can help you reduce cellulite and shed inches off your waist.

A body scrub is the customary first step in the herbal wrap process. After that, the spa therapist wraps you in a warm blanket for around half an hour. Although the combination of herbs used in these wraps can vary, rosemary, eucalyptus, algae, and seaweed are often included.

Infrared Body Wraps

This method uses infrared light, and it also has numerous health benefits. Weight loss under infrared light occurs when a person is wrapped in a heavy blanket and exposed to the light. Some people believe this process increases blood flow, speeds up metabolism, and flushes out toxins.

Can Body Wraps Help with Weight Loss?

According to an expert on the advisory board for Women’s Health, body wraps may make you appear slimmer and cause you to drop a few pounds, but this weight reduction will all be temporary. In addition, weight loss occurs because the process is extremely dehydrating and can make you lose water weight.