What Dogs Are Best For Kids? 


Pets have tremendous benefits for their owners, particularly for families with children. Owning a pet can serve many purposes, including aiding your children to process their emotions and teaching them how to care, be patient, and empathize in certain circumstances. 

Many animals have been domesticated and are great pets for the house, including dogs, cats, hamsters, and other animals. However, for this article, we shall dwell on dogs as pets and the breeds that will make great companions in the house. 

What Makes a Good Family Dog?

There are guidelines that, according to Dr. Holly Putnam —a former board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians— should determine whether a particular breed of dog is suitable for a family dog. These guidelines include the following: 


Temperament is an essential factor, as a calm dog, for instance, can form closer bonds with the children. Therefore, the dog’s temperament has to be agreeable to staying in a house filled with children.


Another important factor is size, as size does matter when looking out for a dog for your children. This factor should also not be viewed independently. It should be considered in relation to the temperament and energy level of the dogs. For instance, larger dogs are passive in their temperament compared to smaller dogs, who tend to be excitable. 

Energy level

Finally, you need to ensure that you get a dog that you will be willing to meet its daily exercise needs. Where you cannot meet these needs, such dog(s) may have excess energy and develop behavior problems. 

Dogs That Are Compatible With Kids

Labrador Retriever

This dog breed is the most popular dog appropriate within a family setting. These dogs are affectionate and loyal. These dogs are also patient and gentle with children. However, these dogs require a lot of exercise. Therefore, you should make sure they have enough rooms to play around. 


Beagles are sweethearts and are incredibly easy to care for. Although, these dogs also need a ton of exercise and can even be trained to perform tricks. 


Pugs are known to be silly and easily trainable. These dogs also need regular exercise, although they are not as active as some other dogs, making them an excellent choice for the family and one of the best small dogs for children.

Vizsla: Finally, this breed is another attractive option for the family. Although, these dogs are highly active and require a ton of exercise. Asides from that, they can make an excellent snuggling pet.