Top 5 Oral Cancer Warning Signs

Every year, there are over 45,000 cancer discoveries. Oral cancer is prevalent in men and women, though it is found more so in men. The good news is the majority of the time; if it is found earlier in the development of cancer, it can be treated successfully. This stops it from spreading throughout the body and becoming worse.

How to prevent oral cancer

Certain lifestyles may contribute to having a higher risk for oral cancer, though there is not any clear evidence pointing towards the actual causes of it. Doctors and researchers have identified some telltale things that we can stop doing to prevent the development of oral cancer. Alcohol and tobacco contain inhalants that directly have carcinogens. No matter the form, using these two items is a huge risk for oral cancer.

Other factors indicating a potential for oral cancer include older age. Adults over 60 have been found to develop oral cancer more than younger-aged adults. HPV is an STD or sexually transmitted disease that is tied to many kinds of cancers. Excessive exposure to the sun is another risk factor for oral cancer.

To prevent oral cancer:

  • Stop the use of any kind of tobacco and limit alcohol consumption.
  • When you are outdoors, make sure you apply sunscreen as well as a protectant to your lips, such as Chapstick.
  • Brush your teeth on a regular basis and make yearly visits to a dentist.
  • Watch your diet and exercise a few times a week, at least.

Top 5 oral cancer warning signs

Identifying if you have oral cancer is not easy. You will need a doctor’s prognosis to be completely sure. There are certain signs you can be watchful for. Pay attention to any changes in how you swallow or chew food. Note if there are any difficulties with either. Check for any new developments on your neck or lips, such as a sore or lump. Also, notice if there is any pain or tenderness associated with the developments.

Sudden weight loss is another sign of oral cancer, as well as many other cancers. If you are not actively trying to lose weight and you are starting to drop pounds out of nowhere, make a doctor’s appointment. Even if it’s not cancer, it could signify something else. Also, take note if you see any red or white patches in your mouth.