Potential Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Holistic health is all the rage these days. After all, traditional American medicine relies on pharmaceuticals, which are chemically ambiguous and expensive to receive in our current healthcare climate.

Although natural remedies are not a total replacement for modern medicine, they can help improve your general health and stave off viruses and infections.

One homeopathic remedy to try in your diet is turkey tail mushrooms, a powerful superfood jam-packed with health benefits.

What Are Turkey Tail Mushrooms?
Turkey tail mushrooms got their name due to their shape and color. Commonly found on tree trunks, these mushrooms have a disc-like shape and coloring like turkey feathers.

The turkey tail mushroom has long been used in traditional medicine. This mushroom is thought to have a powerful positive impact on the human immune system, inflammation levels, and more.

Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom
Today, turkey tail mushrooms can be purchased in the form of pure powder or capsules. There have been several studies on how turkey tail can aid in the recovery of certain conditions.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Can Help Clear HPV
HPV (or human papillomavirus) is unfortunately common in society. In most, HPV causes no long-term health detriments. However, in a small percentage of HPV-positive people, the virus can cause several kinds of cancer, making it important to treat.

In one study, a turkey tail mushroom gel was applied to vaginal lesions caused by HPV. The patients who received the turkey tail treatment were over 20% more likely to clear their HPV lesions within 3-6 months than those who did not receive the gel.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Boosts Immunity
Krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptides (PSP) are immune-boosting elements found in this mushroom. PSP helps activate immune response cells, while PSK helps regulate the immune system for optimum function.

Preliminary studies have found strong evidence that turkey tails may even help fight off new cancer cell formation in those with colon cancer. However, more research on this treatment is still needed.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms Are Packed with Antioxidants
Antioxidants can do numerous wonderful things for our health. They reduce inflammation, improve immune function, reduce the risk of infection, and can even improve physical performance. Antioxidants are important in every diet, and turkey tail offers lots of antioxidants in a small package.

Turkey tail can help boost your immune function, provide antioxidants, and reduce inflammation. Adverse reactions to turkey tails are extremely rare, and it’s a safe supplement to take overall. Turkey tail has already shown great potential to remedy a variety of illnesses, and the research continues.


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