Learn How To Prevent Developing A Bunion

A bunion is a bony bulge on the joint at the beginning of your big toe. Bunions are caused by bones at the front of your foot being pushed sideways. This misalignment pulls your big toe closer to the rest of your toes and makes the joint at the beginning of your big toe protrude outward. Your skin on the bunion might become sore and red due to irritation. Bunions can cause long-term or intermittent pain.

This article will explain some ways to avoid getting bunions.

Wear shoes that fit well and are the right size
Wearing shoes that put too much pressure on your toes or force your toes to rub against each other makes it more likely for you to develop bunions. Pay attention to the following factors when you are choosing shoes.

You want shoes that are immediately comfortable, even the first time you wear them. Don’t buy shoes that feel uncomfortable around your toes – or any other part of your foot. Even if you think the shoes will fit you better after wearing them a few times, they still might not fit correctly once you have worn them a bit.

Your shoes need to be the right width and length to fit your feet properly. In addition to size, width, and length, your shoes need to fit your instep (the top part of your foot) correctly. The shoes should not squeeze the top of your foot. Also, be sure to stay away from narrow, tight, or pointed-toe shoes. A broad toe box is important to keep your toes from being pushed too close together, and the soles should be supportive and cushioned.

Don’t wear high heels daily (or at all)
High heels put more pressure on your toes and toe joints than any other type of shoe. Ideally, you should refrain from wearing heels, ever. But if you are insistent about wearing heels, wear them only a few days a week or only for special occasions.

Any heels you do wear should be shorter than two inches, and wedge heels and block heels distribute your weight more evenly on your feet than skinny heels do.

Take time to rest
Be sure to treat your feet well and take breaks every now and then to sit for a while if you have spent a lot of time on your feet. You should also take off your shoes for at least a few minutes a couple of times throughout the day if you can. This will give your feet a break from being confined in your shoes – even if your shoes check all the boxes mentioned above in what to look for and avoid when it comes to shoe styles.