If You Do These Five Things, You Are Intelligent.


Most people think IQ, an intelligence quotient is all about what you know. But in reality, it means your ability to acquire and store new information, such as learning. And research shows that you reach your apex at a younger age making it fixed for adulthood. 


Even though IQ is not the most crucial thing in life and does not determine your success level, everyone wants a higher one. 


Measuring IQ is very difficult, except you have money to spend on professionals. However, new research reveals some important clues to determining your IQ. 


1. You were an early reader

According to investigations of 1, 890 pairs of identical twins by some British scholars, almost all children who start to read earlier are more innovative than their siblings. And as you already know, identical twins have the same genes, therefore, suppose to have the same IQ score and smartness. 


It is easy to say the kids who started reading early did so because they are more intelligent. However, this is not the case. The investigators finalized that reading improves IQ. Children who learn to read early become smarter because reading has a developmental effect on IQ. 


Reading early will improve your IQ and make you more intelligent than others. 



2. You are funny


Research shows that your ability to create funny scenes indicates intelligence. That’s, only intelligent minds can come up with funny tales. Do people laugh where ever you go?



3. You are left-handed


People who usually try hard to force left writers to change surely do not know why. However, there’s also an unconfirmed relationship between people with left hands and criminality. But studies have proven left-handedness is linked with intelligence; hence smartness. One such study reveals an association between having left-hand and the ability to think wide, especially in men, conferring them with a unique ability.



4. You’re anxious. 


While this may surprise you that anxiety is associated with intelligence, you are not alone. After studying patients with anxiety disorder, professional psychiatrists discovered that patients with the worst symptoms have higher IQs. 



Corroborating the studies above are other evidence that fund people with a higher level of anxiety disorder to have higher IQ. For example, there was a trial in the interdisciplinary center in Israel, where investigators presented a work of art created using a computer program to participants and initiated a computer virus to display fake results. Then, the participants were given an immediate task to get technical support. Again, they presented another obstacle in the way of these participants. In the end, they found people with a severe anxiety disorder to be more focused and effectively execute their tasks. 



5. You attended music class in childhood


Sylvain Moreno, a psychologist, conducted a study on children between the ages of 4 and 6. Half of the children took music classes, while half took visual art classes before the start of the study. In the study, the children were enrolled in a computerized program coordinated by a teacher. The study lasts four weeks, five days a week and an hour a day. In the end, it was observed that 90% of the children who took music classes in childhood had their IQ improved. Therefore taking music lessons in childhood is a good sign you’ll have a higher IQ. 





Maybe none of the above applies to you. That does not mean you don’t have a high IQ because the list is far from complete. However, you probably have a higher IQ than average if you have any of the things.