Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

People with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are prone to experiencing acute pain with symptoms including stomach cramps and diarrhea. If someone on your holiday gift list suffers from this condition, this article covers thoughtful items you can give to help them feel better.

IV Zip Hoodie From BeWell

This hoodie is designed for someone who has received frequent IV infusions, as it is accessible and comfortable. It also has zippers on its sleeves to provide easy access for IV placement while the rest of your arms remain covered.

Beer Discovery Pack From Partake Brewing

Alcohol can be hard on the digestive system, prompting some people with IBD to choose nonalcoholic options. Partake Brewing specializes in tasty nonalcoholic beers and gives IBD patients a selection of fun beverages. Options in the Beer Discovery Park include Blonde, Hazy IPA, and Peach Gose.

Wrap Around Heat Pack From the Spoonie Society

If your loved one is living with IBD, they are no stranger to painful flare-ups involving GI discomfort, muscle fatigue, or joint pain. You can show them extra love with this hot and cold pack that conveniently wraps around the waist for easy mobility and comfort.

Health and Symptom Tracker Journal From the Flarey Tales

A stressful aspect of dealing with IBD is keeping up with doctors’ appointments, potential triggers, medications, and symptoms. The Flarey Tales Health and Symptom Tracker Journal is an excellent way to manage everything related to chronic illness.

It also has areas to track diagnoses, treatment options, and day-to-day routines such as sleep, exercise, and hydration. This is helpful for patients as they can share the information with their providers to identify triggers and suggested changes.

Comfy Clothing

Individuals struggling with IBD have days when they feel too poorly to leave the house or even the bed. You can get them comfy clothing that lets them move indoors without putting on too much.

Hot Water Bottles

Stomach cramps are a major issue when dealing with IBD. You can help your loved one manage this by getting them a hot water bottle to stop them from being bedridden for days.

A New Toiletry Bag

Most IBD individuals have stoma bags, where the intestine is pulled through the abdomen to create a stoma, which is covered by an ostomy bag to collect waste. This can be stressful as they must order many monthly stoma bags and supplies.

An easy way to counter this is by giving them an oversized toiletry bag they can use regularly and filling up with essentials such as baby wipes and creams.


IBD patients experience various difficulties caused by the condition, including cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. These holiday gift ideas can give them lots of comfort this festive season.