Five Must-Have Products for Aging Adults

As we age, our needs change. Elderly people can greatly benefit from certain products which are designed to make day-to-day life easier and protect them from harm. Whether you are an aging adult or a caregiver to an aging family member, you might be looking for products to make life easier and safer.

Luckily, there are several great products on the market today that can improve an aging person’s quality of life.

Personal Alert Systems
Alert systems are helpful for elderly people living on their own. One popular personal alert system is a fall alert. With this product, people can alert loved ones and emergency personnel if they have fallen and need help. Typically, this is a bracelet with a button. When the button is pushed, help is immediately called for.

There are other types of personal alert systems, too. You can find an alert system for a change in heart rhythm, drop in blood pressure, temperature, and more. These are helpful for monitoring someone with chronic health conditions.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
If you or an aging loved one spends a lot of time on their feet, the effects will soon be felt. For an active aging adult who loves to cook, for example, a product to help deter negative effects from standing for long periods can be beneficial. Anti-fatigue floor mats help mitigate the negative effects of standing by reducing the pressure and tension on the feet, legs, and back.

Shower Chairs
Falls in the shower are a common cause of injury among aging populations. Showers are slippery, making them the perfect environment for a fall.

Aging people will benefit from a safeguard in the shower. Shower chairs typically have four sturdy legs with non-slip pads. Some can be screwed into the wall. Shower chairs allow people to sit and rest in the shower, reducing fall risk.

Motion-Sensor Nightlights
It’s hard to see in the dark, making fall risk during nighttime even higher. To remedy this, you can purchase motion sensor nightlights. These lights do not require the person to switch them on, making them easy to use. Plus, they light up pathways the person needs to see and navigate the home.

Bath Brush
With age, mobility decreases. This can make washing hard-to-reach areas even harder for elderly adults. A bath brush typically has a long stem with a loofa on the end. This can help a person with limited mobility bathe themselves with more ease.

By investing in products that can make aging easier and safer, one can improve quality of life while still maintaining independence as they age.

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