Five Amazing Health Benefits of Salmon

There are few foods with more health benefits across a wider range of categories for improving your wellbeing than salmon. Whether wild or farm-raised, this natural wonder is a nutritious addition to virtually any health regimen. Here are five of this superstar’s benefits.

One: It has great fats. Normally that may be a deterrent, but the omega-3 fats salmon provides are “essential.” They must be acquired from your diet as your body does not naturally produce them.

The health benefits are many and impressive. Medical experts credit the two long-chain fatty acids in salmon with everything from lowering blood pressure and inflammation to improving arterial cell function and even reducing cancer risk.

Need more motivation? Omega-3s found in salmon can lower your risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders.

And no, fish oil capsules do not give the same level of omega-3 benefits as eating actual fish.

Two: Salmon is an amazing source of lean protein. Throw away the carcinogenic compounds that some other meats have and enjoy. Proteins from this key source are easily digested and easily absorbed into your body.

Protein’s importance increases with age, and benefits include healing from injury and maintaining bone health and muscle mass.

Three: There’s selenium. This trace element is not on the tip of most people’s tongues, but it’s important on their plates. Studies confirm that selenium, which salmon is rich in, protects bone health, benefits those with thyroid issues, and potentially lowers cancer risks.

Four: salmon is rich in our old friend potassium. American diets are typically heavy on sodium and light on potassium, when the fact is that ratio should be reversed. Potassium works wonders for blood pressure management and may lower your risk of stroke.

A medical review also found that higher consumption of potassium, as found in salmon, helps lower blood pressure levels for people who consume sodium in large amounts.

Five: This one is a goodie — salmon can give you better looking and feeling skin. The aforementioned omega-3 fatty acids team up with its Vitamin A to reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals. Thus, early aging of the skin may be avoided.

This tender, pink fish has a rich and buttery flavor that makes it a popular choice for many. And as for health benefits, salmon on your plate has few equals.