Finding Balance in Your Life

In today’s world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel you’re out of control. Many of us need a schedule to keep track of our obligations and rush from Point A to point B while never feeling like we get anything done. When we feel out of control or as if our life isn’t in balance, it can cause frustration and distress. We can blame part of that on our raw emotions due to not eating or sleeping well. The other part is that our bodies naturally gravitate towards a need for balance.

Optimum balance in our lives helps decrease stress and increase productivity. A life in balance allows you enough time to pay attention to what’s important. This means you are monitoring your health, watching what you eat, and making sure you take the time to relax. These things lead to better health and happiness. If you’re interested in kick-starting your balance, there are a few things you can start doing today to get you on your way.

Disconnect and Reset
Take an hour, an afternoon, or an entire weekend and turn off the outer world. Don’t read your emails, post on Instagram, or answer texts about work. As much as possible, leave your electronics behind and focus on yourself.

Learn to Say No
Somewhere along the line, we started believing that life wouldn’t move on without a hitch unless we said yes to every request. The truth of the matter is, you can say no. You do not need to help plan the third baby shower in three months or coach another tee-ball team. After a while, there isn’t enough of you to go around because you’re not functioning in a healthy, focused manner.

Schedule Fun
This might seem like an odd statement. Shouldn’t fun be spontaneous, not necessarily planned? You’re right, but when you’re so busy that your life is unbalanced, you’re not having any fun.

Spend Time Alone
When was the last time you spent time alone, able to do whatever you wanted? Maybe you get a massage, stroll through your favorite store, or curl up with a good book. You should take time every day to focus on yourself.

These are just a few ways to find balance every day to promote better health and happiness. The most important part is to remember you need time for yourself and that without it, you can’t function at your best.