Figuring Out Your Fitness Age: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the new year in full swing, assessing your fitness age is an excellent way to establish your health goals. This article teaches you how to calculate your fitness age with the aid of technology.

Why You Should Know Your Fitness Age

The fitness age is a well-studied scientific concept that uses simple health measurements to estimate your biological age. This is an intriguing discovery because you could be 50 in calendar years but have a fitness age of 25 to 75, depending on your fitness level.

Typically, a high fitness age is better than a lower one. Nevertheless, there are health advantages to having a high or low fitness age. You can use an online tool to determine your fitness age and create a plan that suits your fitness goals.

Experts also believe you will have a long life if you are aerobically fit. To determine your fitness age, you’ll need to know the following:

● your height in centimeters
● your weight in kilograms
● your resting heart rate.
● how hard and often you exercise.

How Was The Calculator Developed?

Researchers in Norway developed the calculator after examining the effects of aerobic (VO2) fitness markers on general health. They also examined body composition, heart rate, blood pressure, and exercise habits, using this to create an algorithm that could cross-check VO2 max and longevity and developed the fitness age calculator.

Has The Calculator Been Effective?

Since 2019, scientists using the calculator have discovered that a relatively low fitness age can reduce your long-term risk of heart attack, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, depression, brain shrinkage, and dementia in middle-aged and older men and women. A low fitness age may also make your chronic disease symptoms develop slower.

The current fitness age calculator is free and maintained by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It has been updated since its original was posted in 2013 and is used by 80 million people globally.

Can You Improve Your Fitness Age?

If you’re trying to boost your fitness age, one key strategy is to move more often and vigorously. This can be achieved in any of the following ways:

● If you enjoy walking, look for a hill and climb to the top as quickly as you can
● If you own a bike or treadmill, ride or run at a strenuous pace for four minutes, then rest by walking or pedaling for three minutes.
● Jump or do squats for five minutes, then walk for three minutes between three sets.


This Norwegian calculator can help you determine your fitness age and create an effective health plan. By incorporating intense and frequent movement into your daily routine, you can keep your fitness level up and prevent health problems in the long run.