Can Lemons Effectively Lighten Your Hair Safely?

Some people think you can safely lighten your hair by using lemons. In this article, we’ll find out if this actually works and discuss how to take care of your hair whether you dye it naturally or with lemon juice.

Will Lemon Juice Lighten Your Hair?

Los Angeles-based master hair color expert Meg Schipani warned that reactions to UV rays from lemon juice could cause a noticeable change in hair color. Studies have shown that this is due to UV damage. If your locks are naturally light, this is more likely to happen.

The best results can be achieved by combining sun exposure with lemon juice. Schipani claimed that using lemon juice to boost the sun’s natural effect on your hair is effective. This is because the citric acid in the lemon opens up the cuticle of the hair, increasing the hair’s exposure to the sun.

Jenny Liu, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, said lemon juice acids could do this alone. However, she also said this is a very inefficient way of lightening hair as it takes a long time and produces mediocre results.

Is It Safe and Effective?

No research is available on the safety and merits of using lemon juice to lighten your hair. With some rare exceptions, lemon juice and UV are generally safe. However, you might not get the look you want, and it is likely not the healthiest practice.

Dr. Liu said the problem is unpredictable results. She also said if your hair is already highlighted and you want to enhance it with lemon juice, it might result in a brassy look instead.

Is Natural Better When It Comes to Hair Color?

One reason lemon juice may be appealing is that it is a fruit juice, and it seems like a more natural option. If you are concerned about the safety of regular hair dye, always remember that the American Cancer Society said that most studies have not discovered a link between hair dye use and cancer.

How to Lighten Your Hair Safely

No matter how you are looking to lighten your hair, keep these four tips:

● Go to a professional
● Make only subtle changes, as major ones can result in more damage.
● Watch for reactions, as the hair dye can cause an allergic reaction to your skin.
● Care for your color using specific conditioners and shampoo that can preserve your color and promote your hair health.


Unless you have naturally very light blond hair, lemon can create inconsistent or mediocre results. In most cases, going to a professional or using a professional at-home product is ideal.