Are Ice Rollers Worth the Investment?

There are always new and exciting discoveries happening in skincare. If you have been following skincare trends at all, you’ll know that lots of people are raving about ice rollers to de-puff your face, get brighter skin, and promote circulation.

How Do Facial Ice Rollers Work?
Typically, ice rollers are made of stone, like Quartz, Jade, or stainless steel. These small tools come with one end which is a roller ball, and the other end which acts as a handle. Some ice rollers have battery-operated features that might make the roller ball vibrate to promote more circulation.

At home, you can wrap the roller in a clean towel and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes to an hour. Then, remove the ice roller and get to it! It’s recommended to roll outwards, starting from the mid-face, and pushing outward to the jawline and temples.

What Benefits Does Ice Rolling Provide?
Facial ice rollers seem too simple and inexpensive to be effective, but these tools have some great benefits. In a world of hundred-dollar facial creams, the ice roller is a refreshingly effective option for the price. Keep reading to see a few benefits of implementing this easy step in your routine.

Helps Drain Lymphatic Fluid
Ice rolling can help with lymphatic drainage. Everyone has lymph nodes that sit just under the jawline. Sometimes, lymphatic fluid can gather in the face. When you use an ice roller, rolling from the center of the face out toward the jaw, and down the neck, you promote lymphatic drainage.

Helps To De-Puff and Reduce Inflammation
When you were younger and hurt yourself, you probably remember an adult giving you an ice pack. This is because freezing temperatures reduce pain and inflammation. The same goes for facial ice rollers. Rolling your face right after waking up can reduce puffiness and swelling.

Promotes Circulation
The movement and temperature of the ice roller will stimulate blood vessels and get more blood flowing to the skin. This flushes toxins from the face and makes you look more awake, delivering brighter and glowing skin.

Who Shouldn’t Use an Ice Roller?
Anyone can use an ice roller to achieve healthier and brighter-looking skin. It’s a natural and noninvasive way to get quick results. The only time someone should not use an ice roller is when they have had a recent facial procedure, like Botox or fillers.

The ice roller can accidentally move the injected product to an unwanted area of the face. People who have recently had an esthetic procedure should wait at least a week for the product to set in, before going back to an ice roller.

Ice rolling is a great, inexpensive way to get more youthful skin immediately, with no downtime! Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this easy-to-use tool, making it a great addition to any skincare regimen.

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