7 Signs You Are Not Moving Enough 


Staying fit and healthy is very vital for longevity. Your body needs to be active to prevent it from becoming vulnerable to diseases, illness, and chronic conditions. 

Nowadays, we live in a society where sedentary lifestyles are encouraged. Due to career choices and the advancement in technology which has brought all services to our doorsteps, we tend to do less with our bodies these days. Because of this, experts recommend that you partake in moderate exercises every day for 30-45 minutes. This routine not only has long-term benefits for your body by keeping it toned and fit but also helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and even kidney problems. Therefore, specific signs indicate you need to start moving more in a day. 

What Are the Signs That You Don’t Move Enough?

You’re Constipated

When you walk about more often, so does your colon. This helps you poop on time, accelerating the waste passage rate through the digestive tract. Exercise will also help in toning the muscles in your abs and diaphragm. 

You Regularly Experience Stiff Joints

When your joints are not as functional as they used to be or are pretty hard to move, this can be a sign of autoimmune diseases or arthritis. However, it can also be a sign of lack of usage because you must regularly use them to avoid stiffness that causes joint pain. 

You’re Always Breathless

Weak muscles in the lungs can lead to a weakened rate of breathing. Your muscle begins to lose endurance and strength when you don’t regularly work out the muscles in your lungs. 

You Experience Mood Swings 

Just as a lack of movement hurts your physical health, it also impacts your mental health. Lack of movement increases feelings of anxiety and depression. Cardio exercises like walking, swimming, or even running will do the trick!! 

You Always Feel Lethargic 

For most of the day, you always feel slow and tired. Exercising daily can help you deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. Sitting down most of the time does not help your body, as your body does not receive the oxygen and nutrients needed. 

Slow Metabolism 

Sitting down for most of the day also slows down your metabolism. The more active your body is, the more calories you burn away. And quickly too!

You Find it Difficult to Sleep at Night 

Finally, If you notice that you are not getting enough sleep at night, it might be due to your lack of physical activity during the day. When you exercise, your body is more relaxed to fall into a deep sleep. 

Exercise has many benefits for your body. That’s why it’s essential to engage in at least moderate physical activities that will keep your body toned and active.