7 Fascia Stretches You Should Try

Your fascial system is a web of fibrous connective tissue throughout your body, encasing muscles, organs, and joints. However, multiple factors that cause fascial restriction include lack of physical activity, repetitive movements, and injury.

Fortunately, this article covers 7 stretches you can do to relieve fascial restriction and pain.

Heel Sit

Fascia tightness running from your big toe to your head can result in plantar fasciitis. You can do this exercise to find relief:

● Come into a kneeling position with your knees bent.

● Curl your toes under and sit back on your heels.

● Align your ankle bone with your big toe.

● Maintain a straight back and lean forward or backward.

● Hold this position for 3 minutes and repeat 1 to 3 times.

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

To do this exercise, follow these steps:

● Yield your weight to your left foot

● Press into your big toe and focus on a fixed point.

● Bend your right knee and lift your heel toward your glute.

● Grasp your ankle with your right hand.

● Stretch your spine and keep a slight bend in your left knee.

● Draw your knee downward into the middle line of your body.

● Place your opposite hand, reach back into your spine, or extend overhead.

● Hold for one minute and repeat on the other side.

Foam Rolling For The Upper Back

For this exercise:

● Lie on your back with a foam roller under your spine and tailbone

● Bend your knees and keep your feet firmly on the floor.

● Extend your arms out to the sides with palms facing upward.

● Breathe deeply, allowing your body to relax.

● Hold this position for a minute, then repeat 1 to 3 times

Extended Side Angle Pose

To perform this exercise:

● Jump with your feet spread apart

● Turn your left toes forward and your right toes outward at a slight angle.

● Position your left heel on the same level as the inside of your right foot.

● Bend your right knee and place it above your ankle.

● Bend your hips forward and keep your left hand on the floor.

● Reach out through your proper fingertips while pressing firmly into your feet.

● Hold this position for a minute, and repeat on either side.

Standing Figure-four Stretch

For this exercise:

● Yield your weight to your left foot

● Press into your big toe and focus on a fixed point.

● Put the outside of your right ankle on your lower left thigh.

● Keep your hips square to face forward.

● Bend your left knee to lower your hips into a squatting position.

● Maintain position for one minute and repeat on either side

Downward-Facing Dog

To begin this exercise:

● Start in a tabletop position

● Spread your fingers wide and press equally into both sides.

● Press into your fingers as you raise your hips, bending your knees and elbows slightly.

● Lift your heels slightly, keep a straight bend in your knees, and stretch your spine.

● Tuck your chin in toward your chest.

● Maintain this position for one minute

Foam Rolling For The Low Back

To do this exercise:

● Lie on your back using a foam roller placed horizontally below your lower back

● Pull your knees into your chest.

● Place your hands on your shins or beyond your thighs.

● Slowly roll over to the right side.

● Raise the left side of your lower back off the foam roller.

● Maintain this position for a few seconds before shifting to the other side and repeating the position.

● Repeat this exercise 2 to 3 times


A regular stretching routine is crucial to maintaining flexible, healthy fascia. You can use any stretches we’ve covered to start a routine that works for your body and fitness needs.