10 Foods to Eat or Avoid When Your Stomach Hurts

When your stomach is upset, what you eat (or avoid) makes a big difference in how soon you will recover. Whether your upset stomach is caused by a virus or by eating something that didn’t agree with you, the remedy is the same; you must eat foods that won’t further upset the stomach and will allow it time to recover.

Wondering what you should eat to recover more quickly from an upset stomach? Keep reading.

Foods to Try with an Upset Stomach
When you have an upset stomach, nothing will seem appetizing. However, it’s important to still get nutrition so your body can fuel its healing.

Being particular about what foods you eat during this time is important. Some foods that are generally safe to eat with an upset stomach include:

  • Enriched liquids, like sports drinks, tea, coconut water, and more can provide necessary vitamins and minerals while being easy on an upset stomach.
  • Bananas are bland and enriched with tons of vitamins and nutrients – the perfect light snack on an upset stomach.
  • Plain white rice can calm stomach upset and improve digestion.
  • Applesauce is easy to digest and has lots of nutritional value.
  • Plain white toast is bland and easy to digest, making it a great snack on an upset stomach.

If the above snacks are staying down and settling well, you can move on to bigger meals like plain chicken. It’s important to avoid flavorings and spices during this time and slowly introduce new foods back into the diet.

Foods to Avoid with an Upset Stomach
There are certain food types you should be mindful of to avoid when you have an upset stomach. Some of these foods include:

  • Dairy should be avoided because it’s high in fat, hard to digest, and causes allergic reactions in some.
  • Fried foods should be avoided because they are hard to digest and full of fats that can negatively impact your health.
  • Soda should be avoided because the carbonation can cause more stomach upset and the high sugar content can negatively affect digestion.
  • Spicy foods, of any type, should be avoided because spicy seasonings can further irritate an already sour stomach.
  • Raw fruit and veggies should be avoided because the high fiber count in them can make digestion issues worse.

An upset stomach is never desirable. However, an upset stomach is something everyone must deal with from time to time. When you’re struggling with an upset stomach, knowing the best foods to eat and avoid can make all the difference. Eating the right foods will ensure a swift and easy recovery!