Will This Pill Help Constipation?

The new vibrant pill has shown signs that it can quickly relieve constipation. This article will explain how the drug works and the best way to use it to stay healthy.

What Is the Vibrant Pill?

Vibrant has been designed for daily consumption to help patients with constipation. During a test, 41% of participants experienced at least one additional weekly bowel movement. This is an increase compared to 23% of participants who had at least one additional bowel movement after taking a placebo pill.

The FDA approved the pill in August 2022. However, it is still slowly becoming accessible for doctors to prescribe. Because it is not a drug, the FDA considers Vibrant a Class 2 medical device. This places it in the same category as contact lenses.

How Does the Pill Work?

When you are ready for bed, you put the pill in a pod to activate it. After swallowing, it travels through the digestive tract and reaches the large intestine about 14 hours later. The manufacturing company, Vibrant Gastro, said after you swallow the drug, it is active for about 2 hours, goes quiet for 6 hours, and activates again for another 2 hours.

Cathy Collis, chief commercial officer for Vibrant Gastro, said there are little vibrations for 3 seconds on and 3 seconds off. The vibrations trigger peristalsis, the wave-like muscle contractions that transport food through the gastrointestinal tract. Decreased peristalsis is a cause of constipation, which happens when you have less than three bowel movements per week.

Studies show that about 2.5 million people visit their doctor yearly for constipation. Vibrant Gastro says the pills are made of “medical-grade material .”This is the same material used to create gastroenterology cameras. During the trial, most patients did not report feeling the pill inside them.

Eamonn Quigley, chief of gastroenterology at Houston Methodist Hospital, said only a minority could feel it. He also said that none of them felt uncomfortable or stopped taking the pill. According to Vibrant, Quigley only assisted in testing the capsules and has no financial stake in the company.

Vibrant said the pills do not dissolve in the patient’s body. Instead, the patient poops them out, and they get flushed away.


Constipation can be a difficult digestion issue, but you can now get better medical help. Contact your doctor to get your daily Vibrant pills. You should also ask your physician if your conditions might limit the pill’s performance.