What Silent Signals Is Your Body Showing Towards Others

Do you know you don’t have to use words to communicate with them effectively? In fact, in most cases, your body language can be more telling than what you say. Even without knowing, your body and disposition can communicate feelings of anger, discomfort, fear, interest, and happiness. Below are some silent signals your body can show others and what they mean.


A handshake is a great way to make a good first impression; a firm grasp can project an air of friendliness and confidence. However, if you shake the other person weakly or limply, it may make you look unsure. The length of time you keep your shaker’s hand can also send a message about your confidence.


The phrase “in a slump” is commonly used to describe a period of negative emotions and outcomes. Slouching your shoulders is linked to increased stress and depression, according to studies. If you want to project an image of positivity, confidence, and concentration, simply standing up straight can help.

However, if you’re struggling to maintain your posture, you should contact your physician to rule out any underlying medical reasons, such as osteoporosis.

Locking Eyes

An unwavering gaze conveys a complex range of feelings. If the person you’re talking to is at ease, maintaining eye contact with them will make them more likely to trust you. If they are wary of you, a long stare will make you appear more dangerous. No matter how well you know someone, there is a certain amount of eye contact you can maintain before things start getting awkward.

Dilated Pupils

Emotional instability can sometimes result in dilated pupils. During feelings of anxiety or arousal, the autonomic nervous system can cause a series of reactions that are not under conscious control. A number of studies point to pupil dilation as one of these involuntary responses that occur in response to attraction or arousal. This could be because people find those with larger pupils more alluring, and your body is trying to make you appear more attractive at that moment.

Getting Too Close to Someone

It is acceptable to get within 18 inches of someone, provided they are comfortable with you being so close.

However, if you maintain close proximity to people and you don’t know them very well, you will probably make them uncomfortable, and they are likely to try to leave the situation. This is because you won’t know them as well as you should. Keeping a distance of at least 18 inches from a business associate is recommended unless you have a particularly close relationship with that person.