What Is Barbie Botox And Why Is Everyone Getting It Done?

Doctors all over the world are concerned about the viral TikTok trend of Barbie Botox because it can cause resistance among users in the long run and prevent medical use in the future. In this article, we will explain what the procedure is and how it can affect your health.

What is Barbie Botox?

Barbie Botox, also known as “Trap Tox,” is commonly used by doctors to inject a class of drugs known as botulinum toxins, such as Botox, into the trapezius muscles of the upper back to treat migraines and shoulder pain.

Dustin Sjuts, CEO, Revance Therapeutics, said the procedure supposedly slims the neck, and somehow, netizens started attributing it to the actress who played Barbie. Additionally, Scot Glasberg, president-elect of the Plastic Surgery Foundation, said patients are not using it to treat wrinkles or lax skin, as they should. Rather, they are interested in it because they want less girth to their neck or a slimmer and more contoured neck.

Are These Injections Legal?

The approval of these injections for cosmetic use is only limited to facial procedures. As a result, the use of the injection in the trapezius is “off-label.”

In such situations, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for “off-label” use on health professionals to judge such procedures as “medically appropriate.”

What Is The Resistance Risk?

Shilpi Kheterpal, a dermatologist, said the jump in use among younger women with typically stronger immune systems raises the risk of the product becoming less effective over time. She also said this can happen with other products on the market as they all have similar molecules.

Additionally, doctors also stressed the risk of administration by individuals who are not adequately qualified, especially at medispas, where there is little oversight.

Melissa Levoska, assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, said there are no regulations on the type of doctor that can run a medispa. She also said that a family medicine physician or OB-GYN physician could technically open up a medispa. Levoska said there are also more physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are giving injections.

Are The Products Safe?

Generally, the products are safe. However, a potential risk could impact neighboring muscles, weakening them for months.

David Moatazedi, Evolus CEO, said the science is not quite there yet to support the clinical profile of it. However, he said neurotoxins have been used at doses significantly higher for therapeutic purposes than the level being used for esthetic purposes, and we know the products are safe.


Despite the lack of adequate science, constant use of Barbie Botox could possibly cause resistance in women. However, you can still consult your dermatologist if you want to use these products.