What Are The Health Benefits Of Deer Supplements

Deer antler supplements or velvet extracts are very popular among athletes and bodybuilders, and they believe it promotes youthfulness, blood pressure, fertility, and more. In this article, we will discuss deer supplements and their health benefits.

What Are Deer Antler Supplements?

Deer antler supplements are gotten from deer antler velvets. Antler velvet is the soft protective hair that covers the bone of newly grown antlers that have not yet hardened. The manufacturers cut off the velvet antlers from the sleeping animal, and the velvet is then removed from the bone, dried, and processed into a powder.

Health Claims

Traditionally, people use deer antler velvet to treat toothaches, improve immunity, strengthen bones, and treat tissue damage. Today, people think the supplement can treat more than thirty conditions. Some people use it to increase strength and athletic performance and repair muscle and tissue injuries. The supplement is also said to reduce blood pressure, improve fertility, reduce cholesterol levels, and promote youthfulness. Sadly, many of these claims need to be better researched.

What Studies Say About Deer Supplements

Deer antler velvets contain many nutrients, so they should have a lot of benefits. An older study shows that deer antler velvets contain antioxidant properties, amino acids, and peptides. As a result of all the nutrients in antlers, some of the health benefits they have are:

1. Bone and Cartilage Growth.

Studies suggest that antler velvet can treat cartilage damage and bone diseases. An animal study reveals that it increases bone enzyme levels and femoral bone length.

2. Boost in Strength and Anti-fatigue.

Another study on mice shows that it can improve strength and reduce fatigue.

3. Anti-cancer Properties.

A test by numerous scientists reveals that the supplement exhibits anti-cancer and anti-tumor activities.

4. Hair Growth and Skin Health.

A few studies, some even on humans, show that deer antler supplements can stimulate hair and skin cells, which indicates that they can improve hair growth and skin health.

Still, with all these findings, not enough studies have supported specific uses of the supplements on humans. A common claim is that the supplement can increase your strength and endurance. This claim is based on a small 2003 study. The study revealed that those who took the deer antler supplements for ten weeks performed better than those who took a placebo. However, the researchers noted that further research was needed to confirm their findings.

There is no official dosage of the supplements and no known side effects. However, it is important to consult your doctor before taking the supplement, as they will help determine the safest amount for you.