Ways to Boost Your Motivation

Sometimes it’s hard to find the will to complete that last task or get out of bed after a too-short weekend. But, you still have deadlines you need to meet. How do you find the motivation to get it all done when this happens?

Set a Timer and Push

The initial phase of motivation is frequently the most difficult. Therefore, if you’re lacking motivation for something, try using a cognitive behavioral therapy strategy meant to combat avoidance and procrastination and increase motivation. Set a timer for ten minutes, work as hard as you can, and then stop when the alarm goes off.

Consider “Forcing Function”

Pressure increases motivation because there is a real issue at hand and real repercussions. With no pressure, there is no reason to perform at your best.

“Forcing function” is the creation of a condition that compels you to generate a result. For instance, intentionally forgetting to pack a charger while working on your laptop can make you work more quickly. Likewise, spending a lot of money on your goal to make you take action, such as buying a course, paying for training, or launching a business, pushes you to check off boxes.

Portion Control for Your Tasks

While many people believe their difficulties are caused by a lack of drive or self-control, the truth is frequently simpler. Consider someone who wishes to create a blog post as an example. It can take two to twenty hours to write an essay, and it might seem like the only way to complete the work is to write the whole thing in one sitting.

Instead, divide it into smaller, more manageable activities that may ideally be completed in under an hour. Write 200 words, for instance, or create an outline, both of which are quick, measurable, and less intimidating.

It Takes the Right Support System

Let’s say you want to lose 15 pounds, but you don’t feel particularly motivated to work out today. Leaning on your support system is key. But, you need the right people in that support system. We should all have people whom we can lean on for certain types of motivation. A friend who pulled themselves out of debt or who has always been great with money is essential when your needed motivation is financial.

To lose those last 15 pounds, work with a friend who’s been in the same boat. They will understand more than anyone what you’re up against.

You’ll feel much more driven if you surround yourself with friends that inspire you and aren’t hesitant to call you out. And if your friends are already where you want to go, it will come naturally for you to follow them.

Get Rid of Any Opposition

If your surroundings are hostile to what you want to accomplish, you cannot feel driven. For instance, it will be difficult to avoid traps if your home is full of unhealthy food and you wish to reduce weight.

Take every precaution to avoid any situations, persons, habits, or activities that might limit you. Frequently, getting rid of a few offenders will make your life significantly better right away. Once the road is clear, your motivation increases.