Three Healthy Foods to Boost Your Energy

The chasm between energy-boosting foods and healthy energy-boosting foods is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Any convenience store is chock full of energy boosters that are at best neutral and at worst extremely unhealthy.

Incorporating these three choices into your daily routine will jumpstart your energy level and improve your health — a winning combination!

Let’s start with oatmeal. Breakfast is a tricky combination of an essential part of a healthy routine and a minefield of bad choices. But pushing away that McMuffin and going with fresh and natural oatmeal is a great start for any day.

To be clear, we’re not talking about those flavored packets of the instant stuff. However, if prepared the smart way, the complex carbs give your body a slow-burning energy source that will help keep you moving throughout the day. Not to mention the fiber!

Oatmeal also boosts serotonin, which gets a lot of publicity and for good reason. This natural product of your own body assists you in managing stress and even improves cognitive function and memory.

So load up berries or bananas with a smidge of honey, and presto!

Another great food that gets a lot of attention is avocados, and there are many great reasons for this. A whopping 80% of the carbs in avocados consist of fiber, which means healthy and sustained energy for whatever you plan to do.

As you know, some fats are good and necessary, and avocados are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These not only aid in leveling the fat in your blood but also assist your body in absorbing healthy nutrients.

Number three may surprise, but it’s one of nature’s true marvels — the egg. Packed with protein, eggs provide a steady source of energy on top of being rich in B vitamins. These are critical for enzymes and your body’s steadily turning food into energy.

Leucine is an amino acid nutritionists know to boost energy production in multiple ways, and eggs are a great source of this little wonder. Cells absorb more blood sugar, cellular energy production is boosted and fat is broken down more efficiently, all to give you more energy.

The tiniest bit of research shows you that packing in calories and sugary snacks or even those hyped energy bars are at best a temporary fix. Then comes the crash. However, adding fresh oatmeal, avocados and eggs to your daily intake provides lasting and healthy energy you need.