The Three Best Green Vegetables To Add To Your Diet Today

Being told to “eat your vegetables” is as old as parents and children, and nutritionists know why. Adding green vegetables to your daily diet has incredible benefits that are wide-ranging and potentially life-changing.

Start with what these natural wonders are low in, namely carbohydrates and calories. This in turn keeps blood glucose levels low. As for the benefits, where do we start? For practicality, let’s introduce the best three green vegetables that should be on your plate — starting today.

Spinach is at or near the top of any worthwhile list of healthy foods. Low in calories and high in nutrients, this is one of the easier health giants to incorporate into daily meals.

And three cups of raw spinach contain only 20 calories and no fat. Just one cup has all of your daily needs for vitamin K, critical for bone health, and impressive totals of vitamins A and C.

Need more? Researchers found spinach’s naturally occurring phytochemicals and bioactive compounds have incredible effects on everything from metabolism and inflammation to making you feel full.

They concluded that increasing spinach intake helps you avoid heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. How’s that for benefits?

You could search the world over and not find a more nutrient-packed vegetable than kale. Best consumed raw for maximum benefit, this gift from Earth is teeming with essential nutrients including folic acid and potassium.

Wouldn’t we all these days like a stronger immune system? Kale provides powerful levels of vitamin C, selenium, vitamin E, and beta-carotene — just to name a few. These combine to strengthen your natural immunity against a wide variety of maladies.

Collard Greens
A third fantastic addition to your daily diet is collard greens. Like kale and spinach, they are jam-packed with vitamins such as A, K, B-6, and C. Lower cancer risk and improved heart health are benefits from switching to this southern staple.

How’s lowering “bad” cholesterol in blood for a bonus? Add to that collard greens’ positive effects on blood pressure, and these vegetables are loaded with benefits for your heart.

It’s tough to go wrong with fruits and vegetables, but going even more healthy is easier with a little knowledge. These three greens bring positive results with them that make them wise choices for adding to any daily diet.