The Role of Positive Thinking in Promoting Wellness

Focusing on the positive does not mean you ignore reality or downplay problems. It means you approach life with an open mind and work towards the expectation that things will work out. Positive thinking is not just the art of focusing on the good side of things. It’s a powerful way to reach optimum wellness as well.

There are a variety of physical health benefits that occur when you’re more positive-minded. You may have lower blood pressure, better stress management, a better immune system, etc.

Focusing on the positive means keeping an open mind, which allows you to increase your problem-solving and coping skills. The power of positivity also boosts your confidence and creativity.

If all of this sounds great, you might wonder how you start. Kicking the negativity habit isn’t always easy, and it’s almost impossible to quit cold turkey. The first step is realizing when you’re in the land of negative thoughts. Once you learn to recognize this, you’re well on your way to changing things.

Practicing positivity is a daily task, especially if you’ve been particularly hard on yourself. It’s important to give yourself a pep talk each day. Find something good to focus on, something that makes you smile. Maybe you got up without hitting the snooze button or unloaded the dishwasher before work. It doesn’t have to be award-winning stuff, just something that made you feel good.

Along with this, each night before you go to bed, or maybe you practice this before a meal, remember to be thankful. Gratitude and giving thanks help train your brain to focus on the positive. Again, your thanks might be for smaller things. Getting the last of your favorite muffin counts! Being mindful of the blessing you have naturally leads to positive thinking.

What happens if you have a setback? If catastrophe strikes and someone forgot to take out the trash? It’s okay. You’re not going to head down this path and never have a negative thought again. The point is to focus on the positive as much as you can and give yourself a little grace when it’s harder. Another significant benefit of positive thinking that plays right into this increased resiliency. When you are problem-solving and working things out, you aren’t giving up.

Start out small, with a few positive nods each day, and pretty soon, you will see the benefits that positivity can bring. You will feel lighter, more energized, and catch yourself smiling just a bit more.