The Health Benefits of Skiing

Winter doesn’t have to mean that outdoor physical activity comes to a halt! As we enter the colder months, you may be looking for a way to get active using the snow to your advantage. Skiing is a great way to embrace winter and get some great exercise while you are at it.

Slipping on a pair of skis is so much more than just a fun activity to do with family and friends. It has real benefits for our overall health. Keep reading to find out how hitting the slopes can be a great workout for the body and mind.

Skiing Strengthens Bones and Joints
Skiing strengthens your joints, mainly your knees, by relying on your knees to carry the weight of your body as you lean and turn downhill. It also strengthens bones due to the weight-bearing impact on your legs. Skiing can help prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

Skiing Builds Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance
Skiing is an aerobic exercise, just like running or swimming. Skiing involves many physical movements, apart from the skiing itself, you may have to walk the side of a slope to get to the lodge, or ski on flat level parts of trails, using your legs and arms to push. Overall, skiing is a great cardiovascular workout.

Skiing Helps Build Muscle in the Lower Body
Skiing requires that the body be held in a tight, squat-like position when traversing trails. To turn, skiers must engage their legs while still in the squat position, working the glutes and outer thighs. The result? Strong and healthy muscles in the lower legs, thighs, hips, and glutes!

Skiing Can Promote Deep Sleep
A day on the slopes is exhausting. Partially because of the physical activity and partially because cold weather and shivering tire our bodies out faster than normal. A high-intensity activity like skiing, especially when accompanied by family or friends, is sure to promote better sleep by tiring you out before you hit the pillow.

This winter, consider skiing a new and exciting way to embrace the season and get active. Skiing is fun and allows you to connect with nature while getting a good workout. What’s not to love?


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