The Benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha powder is much more than just a Japanese cultural trend. Incorporating it into your daily wellness practice has a wealth of health advantages. Due to matcha’s exquisite flavor and delectable superfood qualities, you’ll be sure to remember it each day.

Matcha tea contains all the advantages of green tea and much more, including ten times the antioxidants of conventional green tea, a calming demeanor, and a metabolic boost. Despite caffeine, matcha is less caffeinated than coffee or black tea.

Matcha tea has other benefits as well, as you will see as you continue reading.

Matcha Tea May Reduce Cholesterol

Studies show that matcha affects your level of cholesterol. By increasing your HDL cholesterol levels, matcha can eliminate LDL, which is harmful cholesterol. Regarding LDL concentrations in the body, drinking green tea beverages significantly reduced them, according to research from 14 trials on the relationship between cholesterol and green tea (the ingredient in matcha).

Matcha Tea May Protect Your Liver

One of the most vital organs in the body, the liver, plays a crucial role in maintaining our general health and welfare. It is the liver’s responsibility to digest nutrients and eliminate poisons, which is a crucial task. Additionally, some researchers have indicated that matcha might be able to help shield your liver.

In one study, 500mg of green tea extract was administered to 80 non-alcoholic patients with fatty liver disease over 90 days. Some of the individuals received a placebo as an alternative. Compared to the placebo group, those who had taken the green tea extract for the full 12 weeks showed lower levels of liver enzymes.

Matcha Tea May Enhance Mental Performance

Matcha tea may increase alpha waves in the brain because it is high in L-theanine, rich in amino acids, and laced with polyphenols. These wonderful alpha waves are in charge of calming the mind and enabling you to focus your thoughts easily and clearly.

When you add that to the trace amount of caffeine in matcha tea, you get a combination that keeps you alert without any effort. The nicest aspect of the alertness that matcha bestows upon you is that it is a serene clarity that keeps you connected to your sense of purpose rather than apprehensive alertness.

In a study on the combined effects of L-theanine and caffeine on cognitive function and mood, it was discovered that participants’ performance in speed and accuracy and their memory had improved. A cup of matcha can keep you focused and clear the next time you need your intellect to shine.