Ten Minutes a Day for Better Health–Three Things You Can Do

You can do a lot of things in ten minutes. You can fold the laundry, unload the dishwasher, pick up the house, etc. Did you know you can also improve your health and your quality of life? A recent study concluded that adding just ten minutes of physical activity a day can lead to a longer life expectancy. The more time you add increases your benefits, but if you’re operating on little to no physical activity currently, adding ten minutes into your daily routine doesn’t sound as daunting as thirty.

One of the easiest (and free) things you can do to add physical activity to your life is to walk. Get out and walk around the parking lot at work or your block at home. These days, with the capability to take meetings on the go, there is no reason you can’t spend ten minutes of your day walking.

If you can shut down work and other stressors while you’re out there, that’s even better. Download a podcast with shorter episodes, such as A Thousand Things to Think About, Kind World, or 600 Second Saga. Or simply breathe in the fresh air and listen to nature.

Another completely free form of activity. Turn on your favorite music and let go. You can typically get in three songs in ten minutes. It will amaze you how much better you feel after the ten minutes. You may even schedule another session later in the day.

There are several apps available that cater to our busy lives. This includes exercise apps. A simple search on your phone will bring up hundreds of options for exercising in under ten minutes, and many have free material. You can set the alarm for most, which allows you to work it into your schedule.

You can also choose from a wide range of options if you want to do something different each day. Yoga, cardio, and strength training are all included. Some favorites include the Johnson and Johnson Official Seven Minute Workout or the Streaks Workout App, just to name a couple.

Don’t forget, when you’re folding laundry and cleaning, you’re also racking up the physical activity points. Practice your lunges, or run in place while doing either and you amp up the heart rate even more. Take the opportunity to add little moments each day, and before long, your ten minutes sessions could add up to more!