Surprising Reasons We Yawn and Why It’s Contagious

There are many theories about why you yawn, with one claiming it helps your body produce more oxygen. This article examines what current research on yawning says about you and your well-being.

Why Do You Yawn Even If You Are Not Tired?

The most scientifically backed theory concerning yawning is brain temperature regulation. According to a 2014 study examining the yawning habits of 120 people, yawning happened less during winter. If the brain’s temperature exceeds the norm, inhaling air helps it cool down.

Another reason for yawning is your body is trying to wake itself up. The motion stretches your lungs and tissues, allowing your body to flex its joints and muscles.

Is Yawning Contagious?

Yawning is contagious. However, a study from Baylor University said catching a yawn means showing empathy. The study results show that the less empathy you have, the less likely you are to yawn after seeing someone else yawn.

Ways to Stop Yawning

If you want to avoid yawning, these are some techniques you can try:

Take deep breaths

If you notice you are yawning excessively, try deep breathing exercises. According to a 2007 study, nasal breathing decreases contagious yawning.

Move around more

Breaking up your routine can stimulate your brain. Feelings of tiredness and boredom can also make you yawn more. To avoid this, you can take more walks around the house or outside. This will make you feel less exhausted.

Cool yourself down

To reduce your yawning, you can simply change location and find a place with a cooler temperature. If you can’t find time for this, drink some cool water or eat chilled snacks like baby carrots or fruits.

Do You Need to See a Doctor for Yawning Too Much?

You need to see a doctor if you are yawning more than usual. Additionally, you should see a doctor if you have symptoms that interfere with your daily activities.

Tell your doctor when yawning began and other symptoms you might have. This could be mind fog, lack of sleep, or pain in certain areas. These details can help your doctor diagnose the underlying condition and recommend the best treatment options based on your needs.


There are many theories concerning why you yawn. According to recent studies and research, it is how your body regulates brain temperature. You can also yawn excessively if you feel tired or don’t get enough sleep.