Protect Your Feet in Cold Weather


Getting around in winter becomes much easier once you properly care for your feet. This article covers the best ways to keep your feet warm in cold weather.

How to Protect Your Feet in Cold Weather

You can use these tips to protect your feet and make winter movement more effortless.

Make sure your shoes still fit

First, you need to make sure your winter boots and shoes still fit. This is because your feet change as you age, and the footwear you rely on might now be too tight. If you try squeezing your feet into shoes that have gotten smaller, it could lead to blisters, bruises, and foot pains.

Shopping for new footwear is best done late afternoon or evening because your feet get larger throughout the day. You should also take the long socks you intend to wear during winter because thicker socks require more room.

Moisturize your feet

Dry winter air and indoor heating can combine to create cracked skin on your heels and feet. These fissures allow bacterial infections and fungi to enter your fault. 

If you are prone to crack or dry heels, you must moisturize your feet daily to prevent fungus and infections.

Keep your feet warm

Exposing your feet to cold air leads to slow blood circulation, making movement difficult. To prevent frostbite, ensure you wear insulated, water-resistant footwear and warm socks when out in the cold.

If you start experiencing pain or numbness, move to a warmer environment as soon as possible.

Exercise before every sport activity

Before hitting the ski slopes, doing some conditioning and strength training is important to get your body ready. It’s an important process for preventing injury during athletic activity.

For the best effect, you can do a 10-minute warm-up focusing on the muscles you’re about to use. If you’re about to go hiking or snowshoeing, you can walk briskly on a level surface or climb some flights of stairs.

Get the appropriate shoes for each activity.

Just like changing your car tires to deal with the winter weather, it’s important to wear the right shoes for the season. For instance, wearing a shoe with good traction is important if you run year-round. 


With the right footwear and warm socks, you can successfully protect your feet during winter. You can also visit a specialized shoe store for recommendations on shoes that are perfect for each activity.

If you experience pain while hiking or running, take a break and examine the issue. If it doesn’t improve, you can visit your doctor.