Meat and Dairy Amino Acids Linked to Elevated Type 2 Diabetes Risk

The common knowledge is that protein can help regulate the amount of glucose you have in your body, which can reduce diabetes. However, a recent study shows that high amounts of amino acids (a protein residue found in foods like meat and dairy) in your body can make your type 1 diabetes grow into type 2 diabetes faster than expected.

The study focused on persons between the ages of 35 and 65 years old at different stages of diabetes, with a focus on participants whose diabetes progressed from type 1 to type 2 diabetes within 6 years. The scientists also examined how dietary factors contributed to this progression and other factors such as health, sex, smoking habits, and physical activity.

After a careful analysis of these factors, the result is that there is indeed a connection between type 2 diabetes and consuming a higher level of amino acids. This includes sulfuric, alkaline, branched-chain, and even essential amino acids.

What’s the Link between Type 2 Diabetes and Amino Acids?

Many studies have discovered that when the level of amino acids in your body increases, you’re likely to become resistant to insulin, which can, in turn, cause type 2 diabetes. Branched-chain amino acids such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine are more notorious for contributing to insulin resistance. However, scientists have not conducted actual tests on humans because of the volatility of causal relations.

In addition, there was no adjustment in the study for demographic as well as lifestyle factors as variables to the progression of diabetes as a result of high levels of amino acids in the body. All the participants in the study were Iranians with similar food consumption.

What Foods Have High Amino Acids?

Foods with high levels of amino acids are poultry, red meat, and milk. In addition, the scientists discovered that the foods that mainly aggravate type 1 diabetes are beef, pork, and chicken. In some studies, lifestyle factors such as exercising, weight loss, and diet intervention were discovered to help. However, such a discovery was not conclusive.

Should You Cut Out Protein from Your Diet Completely?

It’s impossible to cut out protein and amino acids from your meal because they are beneficial and can improve your health. According to scientists, the sources of protein people with type 1 diabetes can eat in moderation are nuts, fish, and legumes instead of meat. They can also take milk and other dairy products in moderation but must avoid amino acid supplements at all costs.