How Technology Can Improve Your Fitness

Technology has touched almost every corner of our modern lives. Technology has advanced tremendously in the last two decades, allowing people to take advantage of technology like never before. It seems there is an app for everything these days – including your health.

With tech’s help, healthcare has become more accessible. Take for example the iPhone, which already comes pre-loaded with helpful health tracking features such as a step counter, menstrual cycle monitor, and more.

There are already hundreds of thousands of health apps to download on your smart device. There are also separate devices, such as the FitBit, dedicated to health tracking alone. So, you may wonder, which technology should you use?

Smart Watches
Smart watches, such as the Apple Watch or FitBit, help monitor your health in real time. Both these watches can perform key health functions, such as tracking your heart rate, counting steps (and tracking important data like your balance, gait, and speed when walking), counting calories burned, and can even track blood pressure.

Many of these watches can be integrated with your smartphone so you can import data to share with coaches or your doctor. These devices are lightweight, fairly affordable, and very worth it to track your health seamlessly.

Workout Apps
These days, personal trainers look to online resources and applications to suggest new exercises for a certain training regimen. It’s always recommended to see a personal trainer if you want to get the most out of your workout because they have the skills and experience to tailor a program for your benefit.

However, sometimes you don’t have the time to make it a training session, or maybe you’re saving some money and taking a stab at working out on your own. In this case, fitness apps on your phone will come in handy!

Apps like Fitocracy, which is available on iOS, are a great way to motivate yourself to keep up with a workout regimen. The app offers group workout classes to follow along with, chat rooms with other users for motivation or tips, and personalized virtual one-on-one workouts.

Smart Jump Ropes
Move over, jump ropes of the past! Today, smart jump ropes are available for your benefit. Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise and is popularly used as a warm-up in training classes. Smart jump ropes come complete with a piece of technology, usually located in the handle, that counts calories burned and tracks the time you worked out for.

These are low-cost and easy to use at home, in your yard, or as a warm-up before the gym.

Technology touches every piece of our lives these days. When technology and fitness combine – the results are incredible. Now, the average person has access to modern and helpful training tools. Technology can help you take control of your health and reach new goals!